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Why are brain games for kids so vital? Children channelize most of their energy in playing games/sports that help in their physical development and parents hardly give priority to the mental development, which require equal amount of exercise.Giving nutritious food alone to a child will not help in his brain growth and development, but nutritious food coupled with engaging a child in an activity to remain sharp and smart will surely develop his brain to a great deal. The activity could be in the form of games that will be fun for the children and at the same time that help in the advancement of learning, memory and cognitive abilities.The Early Stages Of Brain DevelopmentThe brain is a composition of infinite cells and the number of brain nerve cells or the neurons largely depends on hereditary factors. The external environmental conditions determine will have tremendous effect on how these brain cells weave a network of their own.

In the first ten years of the child’s life language plays a vital role as it develops communicating skills and the children learn a language quite comfortably during this period. And researchers opine that with learning of language gradually develops the intellect of the brain.What Is The Impact Of Brain Games On The Kids?The brain games are scientifically designed to cater to the overall development of the kid’s brain so that you child can perform better in academics and in general he/she can perform the normal tasks quite efficiently.The brain games are simple and easy to play and the variety of games is vast. You child can choose a game of his/her choice and gradually increase the difficulty level of the game as you progress further. These games improve learning, speed up the thought process, sharpen the memory and also enhance the creative abilities of a child.Let Us Check Out Some Brain Games For KidsChildren’s brain is very similar to sponge that can soak large amount of information and they learn new task with ease and efficiency much faster than the adults.Leading Neuroscientists have designed brain games for the kids that are available on Lumosity that boost the development of young minds. The coin game and the mosquito killer are good options for your child. These games improve a child’s concentration level and also promote cognitive abilities. You can also have access to memory games that can serve as a treat for the kids and they will love to play these games.

Parental GuidanceIt is important for the parents to select the right brain game for the kid that suits his/her mental ability and offer guidance while playing them. The support and company given by the parents encourage the kids to play such games. Brain games for kids are a perfect learning technique, which builds the overall mental health of the child.

Role of Games on Character Building | Role Playing Games

Nobody can deny the importance of games in physical culture and character building. Games have immense influence on human personality. The main aim of education is harmonious and threefold development of human personality-physical, mental and moral development. Games and sports have numerous physical, mental and moral advantages. But they must be placed in right spirit and at right time. This is particularly true about students. The approach to game or playing of games may be different for different persons.Games must be compulsory for students for all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. They are essential for both physical and mental cultures. As the maxim goes, a sound body has a sound mind, and the two function in concomitant variation. But the golden rule for the students is, play while you should play and work while you should work. The existing tendency among our rising players and sportsmen is not conductive to character building. They generally neglect their studies and use all the fair and foul means to procure a certificate or a degree for their life career. Many of them are simply spared for the teams and not for the battle of life. It is a marked contrast for one who had been a sportsman.

After dwelling on the necessity of games and sports for the youths, particularly the students, let us mark the other approaches to them as amateur and professionals. The rules of the games are the same for the both but the former take them more lightly and the latter, more seriously. The first play should be for amusement and fitness, and the other for money. Anyhow, sportsman spirit and good habits are developed and cultivated in the earlier stage. The real purpose is not fame but gains the three fold benefits. Of the educative value of games is ignored, they become a gamble, excersie without excellence-feeding the body at the cost of the soul.

Playing of games has a serious purpose. It must help in the all round development of human personality. From physical point of view games are excellent form of exercise. By playing games not only human limbs are developed and strengthened but co-ordination and rhythm are also produced in their movements. It helps in the development of muscles and strengthening of the heart. Outdoor games tone up the fresh air starved lungs for deep breathing is good for health.